BSR infrastructure

TU/e cluster - How to use (by Vincent Huijgen)

The BSR server namespace is: bsr01.win.tue.nl

The available resources are:

  • 2 processors
  • 20 cpu-cores
  • 384 GB memory
  • 384 GB swap
  • 482 GB in /home
  • 24 TB in /data

Linux accounts use the space in /home. They can get space in /data on request.

There are no disk-quota imposed.

The database server mysql uses the space in /data. This is a common space for all database accounts .

There is NO backup for /home and /data.

There is protection against disk failure, so that one disk may fail without losing data.

Commands to list resource usage:


processor and memory usage

df -h

Disk usage system-wide, for each filesystem: size, used, available

du -sh $HOME

Disk usage of your homedirectory with a convenient unit

du -a $HOME

Disk usage of all your files and directories in KB

Here are some commands to list all installed software packages. To scroll in long lines, use left/right arrows with the suggested less -S . For case-independent searching, we also recommend -i for less.

dpkg-query -l | less -iS

  The standard format, very wide

dpkg-query -W -f='${Package;-30}${binary:Summary}\n' | less -iS

  Name and summary only, easier for browsing and searching

dpkg-query -W -f='${Package;-30}${Version;-25}${binary:Summary}\n' | less -iS

  If the version is important

For more advance queries, use aptitude or the Ubuntu web pages.

Availability: There are currently no formal procedure to announce reboots or other interruptions in the availability.

Replies to your questions: Your questions may be processed in our “TOPdesk” system. Then you will receive mail with sender address ICTServices@tue.nl and a Dutch subject like:

   Extra informatie noodzakelijk omtrent Melding M16101234
   Gereedmelding wijziging nr. C1610853

Such subjects indicate status updates which you may not immediately take as an answer to your question. If you reply, you may change the Subject, but you need to the case identifiers.