Registration fee

The early registration fee is 600€* and covers the following costs:

  • costs for 5 nights (arrival on Sunday, July 01 afternoon) at ParkHotel Val Monte. Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms of 2 persons.
  • Meal costs for 5 days (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) excluding drinks at dinners
  • Access to lectures & materials
  • Social events (reception, excursion, etc.)

The late registration fee is 800€* and covers the same costs as for the early registration.

*For SIKS students, the early registration fees will be paid by SIKS. In case of a late registration, the additional costs should be paid by the participant.

How to apply?

The registration is organized in two steps:

  1. Fill in the the application form below with the required information in order to manifest your interest in attending the summer school (no registration fee is required at this stage).
  2. You will be notified within 15 working days if your application request has been accepted and the registration procedure will be sent to you via email.

We can accept a limited number of applications. The selection process takes into account several criteria, including availability of places, motivation, background and interests of the applicants.

Important dates

  • Early Registration deadline: April 15th 2018
  • Late Registration deadline: May 1st 2018

Certificates of attendance and ECTS points

Participants having successfully completed the program will receive a certificate of attendance. No exam or grading will be provided. In addition, 3 ECTS points will be earned to SIKS, IPA and ASCI students.